Texcene supports

The Detox campaign

Our commitment for a fashion industry free of hazardous chemicals

Texcene Spa’s industrial culture is based on refining and innovating manufacturing processes in order to satisfy customers and consumers quality and creative requirements. The challenge lies in integrating sustainability in Texcene Spa’s vision and manufacturing processes. Eliminating any hazardous chemicals without limiting customer creativity or compromising on quality is a challenging task that only innovative firms can address by adopting the best technologies available. Texcene Spa is at the forefront in seeking solutions that can reduce the environmental footprint and ensure customers and consumers the highest environmental, social and transparency standards.

This is why we decided to become DETOXLeader and comply with the highest applicable standards set by Greenpeace Detox Campaign to remove all dangerous substances. Texcene Spa publicly committed to the DETOX provisions on 15 March 2016 and endorsed responsibility towards customers and consumers. In this section of the website we will report all advances in this field.

In line with its DETOX commitment, Texcene Spa has already made remarkable progress for the elimination of hazardous substances, as defined in our M-RSL. We are closely monitoring any possible and unexpected deviations, including with periodic chemical analyses, from our commitment in order to promptly take corrective actions. From the very beginning, we have extended controls and analyses to all 11 groups of priority chemicals included in our M-RSL as specified in the DETOX standard.
In line with our commitment for the elimination of all hazardous substances from our products and supply chain, Texcene has adopted, starting from 15th November 2018, a new release of the DETOX Combined M-RSL. Such new release has been developed in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano University, reflecting the most advanced knowledge about hazardous substances and the best current technology in terms of testing limits and methods.
It includes:
- a reclassification of the original 12 hazardous chemical groups in 21 groups, based on the conventions in use by ZDHC, AFIRM and the major fashion Brands
- a reclassification of the original 470 hazardous chemical substances in the 21 groups
- 191 new hazardous substances, introduced by ZDHC for formulations and water effluents and by AFIRM for product
With the adoption of the new release of the DETOX Combined M-RSL, Texcene integrates the requests of DETOX, ZDHC and AFIRM and reaffirms its market leadership in the process of eliminating hazardous chemicals from fashion.

Our products and processes are free from: